Pappadums offers full flavoured, full-bodied dishes from the northern regions of India. The northern regions are the historical home of Maharajas – the traditionally rich and exotic royalty of India. The north of India provides a diverse mix of the eastern customs, lifestyle, cuisine and traditions to give it a distinctively traditional character, while providing a contemporary style.

Pappadums has captured a flavour of the north, with a menu that reflects its cosmopolitan character and is drawn from the very finest of India’s exotic and varied cuisines. Here you will find the sumptuous cuisine of the Maharajas, a wholesome Punjabi fayre and the healthy dishes of the tandoor. True to the philosophy of our chefs from north India, behind the great cooking – all the masalas are freshly prepared on a daily basis by our experienced master chefs.

Good, wholesome food and good health are closely linked

Herbs and spices are used in cooking at Pappadums to induce good health as well as to enhance the flavour and aromas.

Here are some of the herbs and spices that provide a healthier diet as well as tantalise the taste-buds:

Chillies – rich in vitamin C

Garlic – a potential antibacterial agent and lowers cholesterol

Peppercorn – helps to aid digestion

Mint – help to cool the more spicy dishes

Coriander – aids the kidneys and liver with its anti-fungal properties

Ginger – aids spiritual and physical cleansing

Basil – stimulates the immune system

Sage – has anti-ageing properties

Lemongrass – gives the liver and gentle tonic and stimulates circulation

Fenugreek – helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, stimulates the bowels

Lemon Leaf – helps the immune system

Here at the Pappadums we offer something extra to our health-conscious clients: one can choose from food to be cooked in Butter (Ghee) or Olive Oil.